“Mornin’, one sugar or two?”   

I opened my heavy eyelids to this bright, friendly request only to be blinded by the lights running the length of the ward. I felt so warm and comfortable. The sedatives had clearly done their job.  

I just wanted to sleep. 

“One sugar or two mate?” The persistent request returned.

“None thanks” I said turning over and pulling  the duvet close.

“C’mon mate, they’ll be bringing the washing things soon.”

So this was how the day started in hospital. 

“No sugar thanks” I said making a huge effort to come to and sit up.

And, as I lay there, in this brightly lit ward, warming my hands on the cup, surrounded by windows showcasing the dark, cold morning outside, I started thinking.

“What am I doing in here?”


As a younger man I had been a Soldier and 10 years before I had been a highly successful front line Metropolitan (London) Police Officer.  I’d had, for me, the ultimate job!  I was an Advanced Driver driving high-powered marked and unmarked police cars in an anti-crime and pursuit role. 

I had driven over 8,000 miles “on the blues and twos” (blue light and siren) and successfully completed 16 high speed pursuits resulting in arrests, all without a collision.


To achieve all this - safely - required a very high level of skill, strength and resourcefulness; both physical and mental.


And yet, here I was, in a hospital ward having had a complete emotional breakdown.


The reasons were many and in time I may well touch on them. Not only to highlight the insidious dangers that can threaten us all, but also to show how these dangers may be avoided by simply being aware of them and then taking the necessary action.


Since then I have rebuilt my life from that hospital bed, surrounded by a cold, dark world outside, to the man I am today.  I have rebuilt it using the skills, tools and techniques that I now teach.  So I know they work!


My passion now is to help people avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that I have made and empower them to design and build the life they truly want.