WHAT IS SUCCESS? - A Personal View


What exactly is success?


This is an absolutely vital question because true success leads to true fulfilment, happiness and contentment.


It also produces a significant increase in personal and business performance because people actively enjoy what they do.


So, what, precisely, creates these feelings in people?


Well, and this may seem obvious, it is totally different for each of us. Yet the internet, media, television etc continually bombard us with the idea that having more “things” will bring us fulfilment, happiness and contentment.


We are inundated with images and messages showing people with big houses, converted barns, new cars, luxury holidays, designer clothes, the latest gizmos etc all promoting and endorsing the belief that possessing these things will make people happy.


And undoubtedly it will for some, and that is absolutely fine for them, but what about the rest of us?  How do we  find fulfilment, happiness and contentment? How do we  find our  success?


The answer is simple although accomplishing it does require time, soul searching and effort. We find it through clearly identifying our core values and beliefs and then aligning our lives with those.


In other words, we build fulfilment, happiness and contentment, we build real success, from the inside out, not the other way round.


How can we do this?


A great starting point is to accept and adopt this premise. Then write down all your core values and beliefs, those concepts you hold dear, those beliefs that are the very essence of you, those things that enjoy doing.


Next, prioritise them and begin aligning your life with them.


This could possibly be your next step on your journey.


With my very best wishes,