Introduction and Power Stance


This week I will be offering you 5 introductory articles on Compelling Public Speaking covering 

1) The Power Stance,   2) Engaging Our Audience AND Keeping Them Engaged,   3 & 4) Using Our Hands for Maximum Effect and   5) Use of the Stage / Space for Full Impact.


Coming from a sharply focussed performance background as a Soldier, Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, Professional Tennis Coach, Corporate Sports Manager and International Trainer and Coach I have extensive experience of public speaking and presenting in a wide range of settings.


Through years of study and experience I have distilled what REALLY works.


It continues to amaze me how many people speak from behind a lectern or use a hand microphone. These are the worst possible tools because a lectern immediately creates a barrier with your audience seriously inhibiting rapport, and using a hand mic significantly reduces the ability to use powerful hand gestures.



It is VITAL that you radiate CONFIDENCE, AUTHORITY and POWER!

Therefore you need to be grounded, comfortable and standing tall.

Standing with your feet wide does not do this as it lessens your height, makes your feet splay out and allows your hips to swing forward reducing balance.

  • Feet need to be hip-width apart and pointing directly forward
  • Chest proud - as though there is a piece of string gently pulling it up and out
  • Head level - not craning forward or tilting downwards
  • Stand tall and yet be comfortable
  • Hands loosely clasped and held in front of your upper abdomen
Public Speaking 1