Sales, and repeat sales, depend on a number of factors, one of which is rapport. There are a number of ways to build rapport quickly and easily and one of these is matching and mirroring your buyers’ posture.


When we match and mirror another’s posture their unconscious mind says to them, completely outside of their conscious awareness, “S/he is like me, therefore I like them” - and BOOM! we build rapport.


So, how do we do this?


Simply by matching and mirroring how our buyer is sitting or standing.


MATCHING means that if they hold THEIR RIGHT ARM in a certain way you hold YOUR RIGHT ARM similarly.
If they tilt THEIR HEAD to THEIR LEFT you tilt YOUR HEAD to YOUR LEFT in a similar manner.


MIRRORING means just that. If they have THEIR LEFT LEG a certain way you hold YOUR RIGHT LEG similarly.
If they lean to THEIR LEFT you lean to YOUR RIGHT in a similar manner.


It’s important to make this subtle and not too obvious.

The matching and mirroring doesn’t need to be exact, just similar.

Rapport Posture

An Example of MATCHING

Rapport Posture

An Example of MIRRORING

This really works if you are subtle and not obvious.


Have fun and sell more!