Sales, and repeat sales, depend on a number of factors, one of which is rapport.  There are a number of ways to build rapport quickly and easily and one of these is matching your buyers’ language.


When we match another’s language their unconscious mind says to them, completely outside of their conscious awareness, “S/he is like me, therefore I like them” - and BOOM! we build rapport.


So, how do we do this?


Everyone processes information by forming internal representations using their 5 senses - Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic (feeling / emotions), Smell and Taste plus mulling things over in their minds by having an Internal discussion.


When people are processing using sounds they use Auditory language such as, “I’ve heard that before”, “That sounds  good”, “He spoke quietly ” etc.


And when people are processing Visually they use language such as,

“I  see what you mean”, “That’s a  bright  idea”, “A  shining  example” etc.


Examples of Kinesthetic language are  hard, soft, hot, cold, sad, happy,


 Smell - fragrant, sniff, aroma  and  Taste - sweet, get teeth into, delicious.


People discussing Internally use non-sensory language - eg  think, nice, do.


If we listen to the language our buyer is using and then match it, not necessarily word for word, but the language TYPE - A V K S T Id - our buyer’s unconscious mind, outside of their conscious awareness, immediately says  “S/he is like me, therefore I like them” and BOOM! Instant rapport! 


One critical caveat - People change their internal representations, and therefore their language, all the time and from moment to moment. Therefore, we have to listen really carefully to track the language ourbuyers are using and then be flexible enough to keep matching it.


This REALLY works and is also great fun.  Enjoy!  And sell more!